Sadaf Sanaat

Health and Safety Coordinator
Fine Choice Foods

Playing a key role in Health and Safety at Fine Choice Foods, Sadaf Sanaat joined the organization in early June. Her previous experience as a Health and Safety Coordinator was at a global nutraceutical manufacturer. Sadaf completed her Master of Public Health (MPH) in Occupational and Environmental Health from the University of Toronto in 2019. During her program, she was also part of the research team at the Occupational Cancer Research Center (OCRC) where she studied the health and safety of vulnerable populations in the workplace. 

Speaking Sessions

Sadaf Sanaat will be speaking at Make It Safe 2020 at the following times.

How is the pandemic is changing the value employees, consumers, and distributors place on health and safety? How can savvy leaders can leverage a strong health and safety program to attract and retain staff and win new business?

This panel discussion examines the connection between the C-suite and the safety professional in managing workplace safety and sustainability. Learn from the experience of Siemens Canada and Fine Choice Foods chief executives and health and safety professionals, and distinguished moderator Hans-Horst Konkolewsky:

  • Where safety fits in a business sustainability strategy  
  • How the leaders and safety people in an organization can work together effectively to build a safer workplace and a stronger safety culture
  • And the importance of that safety culture to long term performance


Faisal Kazi
Hans-Horst Konkolewsky
Jason Longden
Nada Vuckovic
Sadaf Sanaat
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