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Nippin is a Principal Specialist in management systems and human factors. With more than two decades of exposure within the maritime, oil and gas sector, he has accumulated career capital that spans hands-on operations, academic research, consultancy, certification and regulation in the maritime, oil and gas sector. He regularly delivers keynotes, motivational speeches, and workshops to thought leaders and forward thinking organisations across the world on the topics of learning from accidents, organisational learning, and safety management.

During his career at sea, Nippin experienced a near collision which was traumatic as a start but became a turning point in his life. A decade later when he took up a PhD in Social Sciences it became obvious  through this journey how the same story can be narrated in so many different ways. Since then, he has developed a passion for creating human stories.

Something goes wrong and we plunge deep into collecting evidence, establishing fact and investigating the ‘case.’ We get so busy creating the first story that we miss the opportunity to engage with second stories.

Some peculiarities of first stories. They emerge fairly quickly, focus excessively on people at the sharp end, promise to provide accurate explanations of some very complicated issues, conveniently and authoritatively direct what people should have done (or not) to avoid those silly outcomes, and become seen as the truth. 

Second stories are messy, time consuming, incomplete, inaccurate, dubious, rich in detail, hard to explain, uncomfortable, and leave us vacant and wondering when there are no obvious conclusions and solutions.

But often second stories hold the power to make us think, reflect and shift perspectives. In many years working in oil and gas, maritime, aviation, renewables, health sector, insurance and utilities, Nippin has helped leaders create and understand the power of second stories of accidents and everyday experiences.

Speaking Sessions

Dr. Nippin Anand will be speaking at Make It Safe 2020 at the following times.


What can we learn about how we think about and teach safety from an analysis of 31,000 front-line worker safety reports?
By gathering more safety data (incidents, near misses, safety observations, operational failures) and processing it by using artificial intelligence, many organisations believe they can predict and ultimately prevent the next big accident. Is this realistic?
In an ethnographic study of 31,000 safety reports from front-line workers (part of a project funded by the Oil and Gas Technology Centre of the UK), we set out to:
  • Identify common issues that impede learning across safety critical industries
  • Develop a practical framework for business leaders to create a learning environment
  • Understand how to align workers’ experience and knowledge with business goals and strategies
As we redefine health and safety in the uncertainty of a post-COVID world, what do we need to adjust in our reporting and learning environments to connect operational experience with business goals, strategies, and performance?


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Dr. Nippin Anand
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