Jason Longden

Fine Choice Foods

CEO of Fine Choice Foods and Chair of the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC board of directors, Jason Longden has been instrumental in the leadership of business turnarounds and multimillion dollar plant start-ups in Europe and North America. In addition, he has been a keynote speaker at several industry conferences on the topics of leadership, food safety, and health and safety.

Jason was formerly the Chief Operating Officer of Silver Hills and Garden Protein International. His career history has included roles as Vice President of Operations at Pineridge Bakery, providing leadership and direction to the Operations group; 10 years at Maple Leaf Foods where he held the senior positions of Operations Manager of the Calgary Bakery, VP Operations and Technical Controller for Maple Leaf Bakery UK.

Speaking Sessions

Jason Longden will be speaking at Make It Safe 2020 at the following times.

How is the pandemic is changing the value employees, consumers, and distributors place on health and safety? How can savvy leaders can leverage a strong health and safety program to attract and retain staff and win new business?

This panel discussion examines the connection between the C-suite and the safety professional in managing workplace safety and sustainability. Learn from the experience of Siemens Canada and Fine Choice Foods chief executives and health and safety professionals, and distinguished moderator Hans-Horst Konkolewsky:

  • Where safety fits in a business sustainability strategy  
  • How the leaders and safety people in an organization can work together effectively to build a safer workplace and a stronger safety culture
  • And the importance of that safety culture to long term performance


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Hans-Horst Konkolewsky
Jason Longden
Nada Vuckovic
Sadaf Sanaat
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