Erik Sherman

Director, Injury Reduction & Training, QA
Alberta Motor Transport Association

​Erik Sherman is the Director, Injury Reduction, Training, and COR for the Alberta Motor Transport Association. He leads the organization’s funded safety association programs, serving more than 14,000 commercial carriers throughout the province of Alberta. In addition to a portfolio that includes Education, Engagement, and Quality Assurance services, Erik participates on advisory councils, workings groups, and committees focusing their efforts towards improvements in safety and competency outcomes for practitioners and professionals alike.

Erik’s Occupational Health and Safety career took root within the Oil and Gas Transportation sector in 2004. In the years to follow, Erik completed a formal education in OHS at the University of Alberta and has played a leading role in the development of the nation’s first industry specialized Certified Transportation Safety Professional (CTSP) designation.

Speaking Sessions

Erik Sherman will be speaking at Make It Safe 2020 at the following times.

​In Canada and around the world, the wide range of standard certifications and qualifications for occupational health and safety professionals in v​arious industries create inconsistency and gaps in the evolving health and safety needs of our businesses.

In a multi-year research and consultation project, the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC and provincial and industry partners have been working to identify the core OHS competencies and capabilities needed to meet the health and safety needs of manufacturing companies. In this session, hear from experts in education and industry on this work and discuss the impact on future OHS training and assessment programs, professional skills and certifications, and adoption by the manufacturing industry. 


Lisa McGuire
Paul Carolan
Scott Bax
Wayne Tebb
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