Elena Dominguez

Safety Consultant

Pilz Automation Safety

Michigan, USA


Elena G. Dominguez, PE, CMSE is a safety consultant in machinery safeguarding with 25 years’ experience in robotic integration and 20 years on US and International robot safety standards subcommittee. With Pilz since 2007, Elena is a safety consultant performing safeguarding evaluations, risk assessment, safety circuit design review and Functional Safety Analysis and CE marking.

Elena holds an Engineering degree from the GMI General Motors Institute, and is a Professional Engineer and Wisconsin-Certified Machinery Safety Expert. Her experience includes: General Motors, Chevrolet Div, Plant Engineering ASEA / ABB Robotics, System Integrator Group Rimrock Automation, Robotic Integrator Pilz Automation Safety, Controls/Safety Products & Services Standards participation (since 1995) ANSI/RIA R15.06 Robot safety Standard ISO TC299 WG3 International robot safety Standards. She has been a speaker at a variety of international safety events, including the National Robot Safety Conference National Safety Council Congress, SIAS International Safety Conference, FABTECH Expo, CSA IAPA Conference, PMMI Automate Conference, NIOSH, and NOIRS.