Director of the Campus Mental Health Strategy

University of Calgary

Dr. Andrew Szeto is currently Director, Mental Health Strategy responsible for guiding the implementation of the 28 recommendations within the University of Calgary’s Campus Mental Health Strategy. He is also an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Calgary and a Principal Investigator at the Mental Health Commission of Canada.

Over the past eight years, Dr. Szeto has focused on the development and evaluation of workplace mental illness stigma reduction and mental health promotion programs, such as The Working Mind and The Working Mind for First Responders. Over the past several years, he has worked to develop and pilot The Inquiring Mind Post-Secondary, a program tailored for post-secondary students.

As well, he has developed a junior high/high school version of the program called The Inquiring Mind Youth. Dr. Szeto also conducts basic research that examines the stigma of mental illness through a social psychological lens, including research on labeling, attitudes, and new interventions to reduce stigma.

More recently, his research has focused on post-secondary mental health and is also a part of the Technical Committee that developed the Canadian Standards Association and Mental Health Commission of Canada’s Mental Health for Post-secondary Students (i.e., The National Standard for Post-Secondary Student Mental Health and Wellbeing). Dr. Szeto continues to publish academic articles on various topics related to mental health and wellbeing and the stigma of mental illness.