American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA)

Mr. Fontaine has over 44 years professional and business experience in regulatory compliance, insurance, national defense, environmental services, and consulting. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Laboratory Science from Northeastern University and completed his clinical internship at Brigham Hospital for Women in Boston. He later received his Master of Science degree in Industrial Hygiene from the University of Oklahoma.

Mr. Fontaine is currently Managing Partner of The Windsor Consulting Group, Inc., a Certified Industrial Hygienist, Certified Safety Professional, AIHA Distinguished Lecturer and AIHA Fellow as well as Past President of the NJ section of AIHA and former Board of Directors member of Workplace Health Without Borders – US branch. He is now part of the AIHA Board of Directors and currently serves on numerous task forces and committees. He is a frequent lecturer at the AIHce EXPs and collaborates with various national and international societies, organizations and associations on the future direction of industrial hygiene and occupational health.