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Unpredictable: How staffing and supply chain challenges are creating new workplace hazards – and what to do about it

October 28th 8:30 am - 9:30 am

Chronic staffing shortages and unpredictable supply chains create challenges not only for productivity but also for workplace health and safety. Left unchecked, short-staffing and overtime cause worker fatigue and associated impairment. In many facilities, an unreliable supply chain is translating to large bulk orders when materials are available. In operations with limited storage, this can create tripping hazards, improper storage, and potential dangers from falling materials or overstressed racking. And unusual material handling requirements, exacerbated by short staffing, can translate into MSIs. 

In this session, assess the risk to your organization and strategies for identifying and controlling hazards caused by these critical changes to standard operating procedures. 



Dr. Rammohan Maikala

Injury Prevention and Ergonomics Program Specialist

Providence Regional Medical Center