OHS career planning: competencies and development paths

Why do some employers underestimate and undervalue the capabilities of OHS professionals? What happens when OHS professionals find themselves in situations they lack the specific skills to handle?

In 2021, the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC completed a new OHS competency framework for the manufacturing sector—the result of six years of research and engagement with safety professionals, industry executives, and academics. Designed to map educational and career development for safety professionals and bridge the gap with executives and hiring managers, the framework defines a professional standard for OHS skills and competencies. 

In this session: 

  • Explore the meaning of competence in the context of professional duty and liability 
  • Understand the specific technical and business skills industry hiring managers are seeking—and often find lacking
  • Share your input on the implementation of the framework in defining professional standards for accreditation, education, and career pathways


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Mike Bett

Michael Bett

Executive Director

Manufacturing Health and Safety Association

Wayne Arondus

Wayne Arondus

Chief Operating Officer

Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC