Safety Committee

Musculoskeletal injury (MSI) prevention

In the Safety Committee Track, get an overview of important industrial safety topics to help you identify hazards and opportunities to improve workplace safety throughout your facility.

Nearly 40 cents of every dollar spent on workplace injury claims in British Columbia are related to musculoskeletal injuries (MSIs)—strains, sprains, and inflammation that not only keep people off work, but can cause lasting pain and disability. Musculoskeletal injuries (MSIs) account for, on average, 34 percent of all WorkSafeBC claims. That is an average of 17,891 claims per year. MSIs impact all industries and workplaces.

Have you done a risk assessment to determine the risk of MSI in your workplace? Have you educated and trained your workers on risk identification including sign, symptoms, and potential health effects of an MSI?

Join this awareness session to find out some important next steps you can do to prevent MSI injuries to your workers.

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Era Poddar

Dr. Era Poddar

Ergonomics Specialist

Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC