Safety Committee

Hot Work

In the Safety Committee Track, get an overview of important industrial safety topics to help you identify hazards and opportunities to improve workplace safety throughout your facility.

Hot work does not refer to the temperature of the workplace. It is work that involves burning, welding, riveting, grinding, using fire or spark-producing tools—or other work that produces a source of ignition. Are these activities in your workplace? Do you have contractors who come into your worksite to perform hot work, such as a plumber coming to fix a leaking pipe?

If you use any flammable and combustible materials in your facility, you need awareness and knowledge of how hot work can impact your workplace. The last thing you need in your workplace is a fire.

Join this session to gain basic awareness of hot work and next steps you can take to prevent a hot work incident.

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Lorne Davies

Lorne Davies

Combustible Dust Specialist

Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC