Creating an Effective Program to Combat Bullying and Harassment

With harassment and bullying claims on the rise, employers need to understand the risks and take active steps to train their leaders and staff, manage complaints, and support workers’ psychological safety and well-being. In this session, learn the key elements of a psychologically healthy workplace. Find out how to develop an effective program for managing complaints, investigations, and confidentiality.

In this session with Sensitivity Training Canada CEO Caroline Power, learn:

  • A process for bringing forward bullying and harassment complaints.
  • A process for handling bullying and harassment complaints.
    • Strategies for interacting with the person who complains.
    • Strategies for interacting with the offender.
    • Strategies for managing an investigation (internal/external investigator?)
    • Strategies for managing privacy and confidentiality (need-to-know basis).
  • A process for managing the output/s of the investigation process (apology, training, coaching, discipline – up to and including termination).


Dr. Kirk Perris

Learning Strategist and Adult Educator

Sensitivity Training Canada