Keynote | Vaccine policy, passports, and privacy

Vaccine policy decisions are difficult and potentially divisive. In this session, see inside an employer’s review of the evidence, the risks, and the challenges to requiring vaccination or COVID-19 testing for employees.  In this timely keynote, we discuss the difficult balance between privacy rights and an employer’s obligation to protect the health and safety of everyone in the […]

Managing safety for temporary and contract workers

Temporary and contract workers fill critical gaps in production staffing requirements—particularly given recent surges in orders and unpredictable access to raw materials. For seasonal food-processing facilities and supporting technical services, there is always a need for temporary, agency, and on-call production workers and specialists.  But employers are legally responsible for the health and safety of every worker in their facilities, […]

Safe start: keys to effective young worker orientation

Workers can be injured on the job at any age, but young and new employees may be more at risk for workplace injuries. Give your young workers a safe start with a strong, effective, and comprehensive new employee orientation. New workers are often injured due to inadequate or incomplete training, lack of supervision, and inexperience. Young employees […]

Unpredictable: How staffing and supply chain challenges are creating new workplace hazards – and what to do about it

Chronic staffing shortages and unpredictable supply chains create challenges not only for productivity but also for workplace health and safety. Left unchecked, short-staffing and overtime cause worker fatigue and associated impairment. In many facilities, an unreliable supply chain is translating to large bulk orders when materials are available. In operations with limited storage, this can […]

OHS career planning: competencies and development paths

Why do some employers underestimate and undervalue the capabilities of OHS professionals? What happens when OHS professionals find themselves in situations they lack the specific skills to handle? In 2021, the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC completed a new OHS competency framework for the manufacturing sector—the result of six years of research and engagement with safety […]

Automation, robotics, people, and safety: tomorrow’s factories

As we shift towards greater digitization and connection around the world, manufacturers are embracing automation, robotics, and smart technology in the plant. Robotics and automated operations can play a significant role in reducing workplace injuries and improving safety. Technology can also help address skills gaps and chronic labour shortages.  But automation is not without risk, and it’s important to consider how worker behavior is altered by working alongside robots and automated processes.  In this session, learn steps […]

Ready: Hazard identification for emergency planning

Hazard ID is a basic building block of any health and safety program. But emergency response planning requires a different approach to envisioning potential hazards based on a wide range of different external factors—and designing training, controls, and business continuity plans for any emergency.  We often think of emergencies as situations that might happen “someday” but if the pandemic has taught […]

Investing in safety: the business case

Everyone in your company leadership will agree that the safety and well-being of your team are important—in the wake of COVID-19, perhaps more than ever. But weighed alongside critical operational costs, health and safety investments are often deferred. Clearly defining the cost of direct and indirect risk—and opportunities for sustainability gains—is critical to show the […]

What we take forward: redefining health and safety post-pandemic

In the face of a global pandemic, workplace health and safety became top priority as employers worked to keep their doors open and the virus out. As we look forward to emerging in a post-pandemic world, what lessons will we take to manage health and safety for the future of work?  In this session, explore new perspectives on:  The long-term impact the pandemic will have on how we approach communicable disease prevention […]