Safe to speak out: Supporting a problem-solving culture

Is every employee in your business comfortable calling out a mistake, pointing out a problem, or offering a new idea? The most successful companies—particularly in challenging times—encourage employees to listen to their gut and speak freely. That can only happen when you have laid the groundwork to create a psychologically safe workplace. Learn how supporting […]

Inside the design of an effective vaccine policy

The great debate of 2021, business and HR leaders around the world are researching the contentious issues of vaccine policy, privacy, and health and safety responsibility. Policy decisions evaluate the nature of your work and vulnerability of your workforce and weigh the human rights issues alongside potential liability in the event of an outbreak or serious illness.  A question with no easy […]

Strategies to gain staff engagement and participation in safety and strategic initiatives

From the head office to the plant floor, your employees are your greatest asset. And in a competitive hiring market successfully keeping employees engaged will translate to lower turnover, a more attractive workplace for new hires, and a safer work environment for all.  In this session, learn new strategies for engaging staff in safety and other strategic initiatives, through consultation, communication, participation, and recognition. […]

Building culture and team in a diverse workforce

While language and cultural differences present challenges in many industrial environments, a 2020 study by MIT Sloan Management Review and Glassdoor identified diversity as one of the key cultural values held by leading companies that has the greatest impact on results. Tap into new perspectives to support innovation and problem solving.  In this session, learn to strengthen relationships, address challenges, and build […]

Leading with safety: Leveraging health and safety to attract skilled workers

In the wake of the pandemic, job candidates are holding potential employers to higher standards for workplace health and safety—including supports for mental health, diversity initiatives, and overall safety performance. A recent survey by Workplace Intelligence and Kronos found that when job candidates evaluate a job offer, they choose “safety of the work environment” over […]

Managing safety and performance in a hybrid work environment

While production typically requires work onsite, with 81% of workers wanting to stay remote or move to a hybrid work schedule (Harvard Business School survey), many employers are offering the flexibility of a hybrid approach for office positions. This new and variable work environment requires a different approach to managing health, safety, and performance. Employer legal […]

Keynote | Vaccine policy, passports, and privacy

Vaccine policy decisions are difficult and potentially divisive. In this session, see inside an employer’s review of the evidence, the risks, and the challenges to requiring vaccination or COVID-19 testing for employees.  In this timely keynote, we discuss the difficult balance between privacy rights and an employer’s obligation to protect the health and safety of everyone in the […]