Opening Session – Thursday

Join your host, Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC CEO Lisa McGuire, for a brief introduction to the conference. In the opening session, we have invited MLA and Parliamentary Secretary for Accessibility Dan Coulter to share his personal story of workplace injury, and the impact on his life and direction. As we open the conference and […]

Industry Session: Cultivating Positive Mental Health

Dave Phillips, Chief Mental Health Officer at TeksMed Services Inc., is excited to present an important and timely conference session, designed to help you understand how you can have a more positive inner life experience. Cultivating positive mental health helps us become stronger inside as we continue to live with all the complex challenges of […]

Sports Wearable Technology for Workplace Injury Prevention

The most effective injury prevention strategies are found in elite sport. This is because decades of research and development have gone into keeping professional athletes safe and performing at their peak. Cost-effective wearable technology, intuitive data analytics, and smartphone-based training systems are now allowing employers to provide workers with a similar level of support. Using […]

Keynote | Vaccine policy, passports, and privacy

Vaccine policy decisions are difficult and potentially divisive. In this session, see inside an employer’s review of the evidence, the risks, and the challenges to requiring vaccination or COVID-19 testing for employees.  In this timely keynote, we discuss the difficult balance between privacy rights and an employer’s obligation to protect the health and safety of everyone in the […]