Join us at Make it Safe 2020
October 29-30

The virtual doors open daily at 7:30 AM PDT, with Opening Sessions daily at 8:00 AM PDT.


How do I get in?

If you're not already registered with Make It Safe in Hopin you can do so here.

Click Join event to be taken to the Reception area.

Why am I seeing this?

You've done everything right, the conference just has not yet started.

See you in the Reception area after 7:30AM PDT.

Tech Tips


Hopin works best on Chrome and Firefox browsers. (We recommend Chrome)

Download and install Chrome for free with the link below. For the best experience, use the latest version of your browser.

Download Chrome

Sound and video.

If you have issues with sound or video quality, try refreshing your browser and logging out and back in.

If that does not solve your problem, try closing all instances of your browser or even clearing your browser cache.

If you have them, headphones with a built-in microphone will help you hear and be heard more clearly if you join roundtable conversations and networking chat


The faster your internet speed, the better your video and audio quality will be.

The minimum requirements for Hopin are 5 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload speeds. Your Hopin experience will be best at internet speeds above 30 Mbps download, 10 Mbps upload. If you can use a wired internet connection, that may improve your experience.

Here is a free internet speed test that you can use to check your connection.

How to Navigate Hopin


In the Make It Safe Reception area, you will see the full conference schedule. Explore for more information on the program and sponsors.

On the right side of your screen, you’ll see three tabs: Chat, Polls, and People.

You can participate in conversations with the whole Make It Safe community in the Event Chat. Watch the Polls tab for questions that will help us learn more about you, your conference experience, and interests for future events.

Explore the People tab to meet the other Make It Safe attendees currently on the platform.

Mainstage Sessions

Go to the stage to join the daily Opening Sessions and Keynotes. The rest of the day, visit the stage for highlights: what’s upcoming, what’s live now—and special features.

Concurrent Sessions

Most of the conference program will happen in the Sessions area of Hopin.

Click the Sessions button to view and enter sessions that are live now. Explore the Schedule on the Reception page for the full list of upcoming sessions.

Tip: From the Schedule, add sessions to your calendar so you won’t miss the start time!

Control the View

In the Sessions area, presenters, moderators, and shared slide decks display in a Brady Bunch-style grid.

Want a closer view of the slides or the current speaker? Double-click on any pane in the grid to make it bigger.

Join the Conversation

Hopin allows you to chat with typed messages in multiple ways.

Under the chat window, you can reach the following audiences:

Event Anything typed into the Event chat window will be visible by all attendees of the conference.

Room Room specific conversation, be it the Stage, a Session or in the Expo are limited to that room and are not visible elsewhere.

Direct You can have a one-on-one conversation with any individual via the Direct Messages tab.

Start a Private Conversation

To connect with other attendees directly, look at the right side of the screen to find the People tab. Click on the tab to see a full list of current attendees. Click on an attendee to view their profile and invite them to a video call to start a conversation.

When you create or edit your Hopin Profile, add your organization name or role as a Headline, and include a short Bio and links to your website and social media accounts if you would like other attendees to be able to learn more about you.

Start a Networking Session

Click the Networking icon on the left side of the screen for the opportunity to be matched with other attendees for short (max 3-minute) video networking sessions.

At the end of each of these timed sessions, Hopin will automatically match you with another attendee if you want to keep meeting new people. You can leave a Networking session at any time you wish. To exchange contact information with the person you are matched with, click Connect to share your info.

Share your Experience

We are gathering at Make It Safe as a diverse and connected community—to learn from each other and have important conversations. We know that in our current world, we are stronger together. We ask that everyone be respectful in your conversations and chats throughout the conference.

This is the first time we have hosted Make It Safe as a virtual event. This is a new platform for us with now more than 60 presenters and moderators joining from around the world. Please be patient and understanding with us all.

We want you all to have a fantastic experience and are working hard to make that happen. If there are technical glitches along the way, we apologize. Please watch the session windows, Event Chat, and Make It Safe website for announcements should it be necessary to adjust the schedule.


Share your insights and takeaways with others who can’t be with us live. Use the hashtags #MakeItSafe and #MIS2020 in your social media posts to help others join the conversation.

Need Additional Support?

Contact Us

If there is something we can do to improve your experience, please let us know.

Chat with Us

During the event, speak with a representative from the Make It Safe conference and Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC by visiting the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC booth in the Expo or message us in the Event Chat.

Technical Support

If you need technical support, please email our event support partner:


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