Key takeaways | Part 2

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Balance, resilience, and agility: leading through a pivot

As you face the significant challenges posed by supply chain issues, workforce demographics, skilled labour shortages, and tomorrow’s new challenges, the agility to pivot quickly can help keep your business viable. Engagement with your team is essential to navigating a pivot effectively. In this session, learn how to use clear communication, collaboration, preparation, and planning to […]

Valued: engaging your team through safety and inclusivity

In a competitive hiring market, one key to retaining skilled workers is to ensure that they feel valued and safe.  As consumers seek out sustainably produced products, job seekers are increasingly looking for employers that have a reputation for sustainable and inclusive people practices – including effective health and safety policies and workplace mental health […]

Key takeaways | Part 1

Continue the learning. Join today’s session moderators for a review of the day’s key takeaways. Share your insights and learn from your peers.  Registered? Log into the conference platform to watch on demand.

People, technology, and leadership decisions

Facing a shortage of skilled workers, employers are increasingly looking to technology solutions to drive productivity and automate repetitive tasks. But the decisions leaders make at the intersection of people and technology are critical factors in sustainable performance and growth. Is your team equipped to leverage new technology effectively? To implement it safely?   What new risks […]

Leading an Inclusive Workplace

How can we lead workplaces and teams that are inclusive and respectful? In manufacturing and food processing, we see tremendous ethnic diversity, a mix of younger and older workers, temporary or migrant workers, and often differences in language, race, and sexual orientation. In the pandemic, we have seen new prejudices cause friction in many plants. […]

Executive Roundtable: Key Factors in Business Continuity

What has been the impact of the pandemic on our organizations to date? In this executive roundtable session, join our expert facilitators in a conversation around the economic and mental health impacts on the industry, our businesses, and our people—and the key factors driving sustainable business performance and continuity in the recovery.

Supporting Your People through Crisis and Change

​What is our role in crisis response, change management and supporting mental health in the workplace? In this session, discuss essential strategies for addressing fear, fostering coping skills, and taking care of your team in times of crisis and change.

Lessons in Exposure Control

What has the industry learned from COVID-19 that may require changes or enhancements to your exposure control plan? In this session, industrial hygienist and AIHA board member Bernard Fontaine, Jr. shares key lessons learned from companies in a variety of industries and actionable steps to develop or improve your exposure control plan.