OHS career planning: competencies and development paths

Why do some employers underestimate and undervalue the capabilities of OHS professionals? What happens when OHS professionals find themselves in situations they lack the specific skills to handle? In 2021, the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC completed a new OHS competency framework for the manufacturing sector—the result of six years of research and engagement with safety […]

What we take forward: redefining health and safety post-pandemic

In the face of a global pandemic, workplace health and safety became top priority as employers worked to keep their doors open and the virus out. As we look forward to emerging in a post-pandemic world, what lessons will we take to manage health and safety for the future of work?  In this session, explore new perspectives on:  The long-term impact the pandemic will have on how we approach communicable disease prevention […]

Life after graduation: Youth views on the future of school and work

​In this session, we hear from youth on how 2020 has changed their plans for post-secondary school and work. The impact of the pandemic on a generation of youth goes beyond online school and missed concerts, games, and graduation ceremonies. Hear directly from these students how they feel about their education and career prospects. We […]

OHS Professional Competencies and Capabilities: A New Standard for Manufacturing

​In Canada and around the world, the wide range of standard certifications and qualifications for occupational health and safety professionals in v​arious industries create inconsistency and gaps in the evolving health and safety needs of our businesses. In a multi-year research and consultation project, the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC and provincial and industry partners […]

Youth views on the pandemic

How is the pandemic affecting youth? In this session, hear from moderator Efe Türker and a diverse panel of students on the everyday impacts of physical distancing, social isolation, and online school, and missed milestones—along with the return of many to the classroom. Hear how students are dealing with anxiety and uncertainty, and what parents, […]

Expert Panel: Controversy and Best Practice – Navigating COVID-19 and the Recovery

In this keynote session, we have invited a panel of international experts to share insights, helping make sense of the changing and sometimes controversial sea of information about COVID-19. Find out what we are still learning about the virus, and emerging recommendations around transmission and effective controls. Understand the anxiety and mental health impacts and […]

HR Priorities in the New Normal

How has the pandemic and recovery changed our perspectives and priorities in managing our greatest asset: our people? In this session, our expert panel shares the changes they have made in policy and approach—and critical lessons learned in communicating effectively, engaging employees at all levels, and building confidence in their organizations’ health, safety, and management […]

International Leader Panel: COVID-19 Lessons and Growth

In this international keynote panel, four manufacturing executives share the pandemic experiences and challenges they have faced in their companies around the world. Learn from their experiences and insights. Hear their perspectives and ask questions directly about: Critical decisions and changes in their businesses; Supporting teams and company culture through the crisis; How the pandemic […]

Strategy and Sustainability: The Health and Safety Connection

​How is the pandemic is changing the value employees, consumers, and distributors place on health and safety? How can savvy leaders can leverage a strong health and safety program to attract and retain staff and win new business? This panel discussion examines the connection between the C-suite and the safety professional in managing workplace safety […]

Leveraging the JHSC in a Crisis

What is the role of the JHSC or Worker Representative in a crisis situation like the COVID-19 pandemic? In this session, hear from the safety committee chairs of four manufacturing organizations about the role their committees have played in their response to the pandemic, and opportunities to leverage the safety committee effectively in any crisis.

Make It Safe Opening Session

​​Join us for the opening general session of Make It Safe 2020 on the conference Stage. Welcome to Make It Safe, everyone. Together, we can build safer workplaces in the new normal and emerge stronger in the recovery.