Exhibitor Portal

We’re excited to have you join us as a sponsor/exhibitor for the 2021 Make It Safe Virtual Conference. 

The excitement builds as we work with you to build out your virtual exhibit space and ensure you are ready to engage with attendees during the conference. Review the below sections of the exhibitor fulfillment page to prepare and then submit your graphics and booth details. 

Key Dates & Deadlines

September 30 Deadline to submit your virtual booth content

October 13  Review of your virtual booth + updates

October 20  Final review of your virtual booth

October 28 / 29  Make It Safe – Live

5 ways to prepare for your virtual booth submission

  1. Design your key graphics – logo/cover (specs outlined in the submission guidelines below)
  2. Know who’s exhibiting – names & emails
  3. Collect your key media – photos, video and documents you’d like to upload
  4. List your products & services – any special promotions you’d like to offer attendees?
  5. Include your social links to engage with attendees

Virtual booth submission guidelines. Deadline to submit: September 30

  • Call to action slogan 
  • Profile 
  • Industry + tag listing
  • Logo [180px x 120px]
  •  Cover image or video (1 option)
    • Image: [1200px x 300px] (or) 
    • Video: url to YouTube or Vimeo + custom thumbnail [888px x 320px]
  • Exhibitor names + emails
  • Media to be included in your company profile
    • Photos (4)
    • Videos (4)
    • Documents (4)
      • To include more, please contact us
  • Social Media links & contact information

Below is an example of how your virtual booth will be laid out. The top cover can be either a photo or a video, your about section is front and centre, media include photos and video links and easily accessible is your product & services listing with special offers to attendees.

Your exhibitors are listed in the MeetNow section at the top to easily show their availability to connect with attendees. 

Product & Service details to be included in your booth showcase

  • Name of product/service
  • Price
  • Call to action 
  • URL
  • Description 
  • Photos/Videos

Up to 4 products/services can be included. (for more please contact us after your submission)

Virtual exhibiting Best Practices

  1. Log in early to get familiar with the virtual platform. Click through all the menu options, view the chat & activity stream features and build out your schedule, all in advance of the conference.

  2. Learn while you work! Attend conference sessions and interact with attendees while being ‘available’ to message & video chat at a click’s notice. Don’t wait for them to come to you – go to them. The benefits of virtual exhibiting! 

  3. Post on the Activity Stream to engage with attendees. You control the messaging through this interactive chat board where you can share messages, photos, like + comment posts and create message forums for attendees to join. 

  4. Launch a promotion with a prize draw through the activity stream. Post a question, ask for a caption of a photo (what’s outside your window? best photo wins a gift certificate from us!) or invite attendees to your booth for a special offer. You are in control!

  5. In this situation, more is more. Add photos, videos and documents to your booth listing. Add product and service descriptions and special offers for attendees. If you invest time into your booth, the attendee will notice and will be more likely to engage with your page.