Watching event after event cancel in 2020, we chose instead to build a global online conference—with 125 international partners—to bring a world of health and safety experience home to Canada.

As we look forward from the pandemic, the road to a vibrant and sustainable manufacturing sector remains obstructed—by lasting challenges in staffing, throughput, and supply. By gaps in technology and security. By emerging risks. These roadblocks impact our financial prospects, employee engagement, physical and psychological safety at work, and the sustainability of our businesses.

Make It Safe 2021 is a new step forward: an interactive, global meetup for leaders, safety and HR professionals, committees, and students committed to a safe and sustainable future for industry.

Get ready to tackle the critical issues facing manufacturing today as we examine the intersections of people and safety with leadership and technology. Join us October 28-29.

Learn and collaborate with industry leaders, safety experts, people managers, and a new generation of workers to design solutions.

RESET your business and industry for a sustainable future. 

Make It Safe 2021 will connect business leaders and owners, health and safety and HR experts, safety committee members, and students across BC and around the world to learn, share, and connect in an interactive online conference.

Hosted by the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC, Make It Safe is the annual health and safety conference and tradeshow for manufacturers and food processors—15 years strong.